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The Truth about Dangerous Jumping Stilts / Powerbocks and their unethical inventors, manufacturers and distributors:

Jumping stilts are very worrying according to doctors, can damage the lower back and even cause fatalities, and in my opinion should be banned as unsafe for anyone not a professional parkour artist. Moreover, the inventors and distributors of this product have turned a blind eye to stealing and injury evidence, are unethical and have condoned theft in the interest of deepening their pockets. If there is one device, one luxury toy you should stay away from in 2015, make it these, for your spine if not your conscience!

Injury Cases:

People have lost the function of their shoulders, broken other bones, and suffered permanent facial damage, among other injuries. When a TV host decided to put on a stunt their young stuntman crumpled to the ground and was taken for hospitalization during live tv. I know about a number of injuries because in the past I was a distributor…

Managed by Thieves and Soulless Mercantiles:

In around the late 2000’s I had built up the exclusive distributorship of Jumping stilts to sales in excess of 100,000 USD per year. It was my proposal and my work 100% when I approached my soon to be partner as an investor. I had made every sale myself. However the investor partner, Mickey, was an unscrupulous kind of guy, who had always complained to me of being cheated by an innumerable number of previous partners (I realized in hindsight who was actually cheating who). I had worked more than full time on sweat equity for the first year, but I earned only 500 USD a month, and nothing in the first few months, so I worked tables at a local restaurant part time to cover my living costs and drove a pickup worth about USD 500, and then when business was making great sales (100% done by me), only drew out 2000 USD per month salary. Over the last year or two Mickey drew out dividends in excess of 180,000 USD, fully covering all his investement. I only once got a 10,000 USD dividend although it was supposed to be a 50/50 partnership where I supposedly didn't have to pay for his investement as he was buying rights to the business.


One morning I arrived at the warehouse to find the locks changed. I rushed to the bank, its entire balance had been drawn out that weekend. Being young and naïve I had not signed a formal agreement with Mickey. After that day I never got another $ for my years of work towards a 'secure future' on my own business, and on confronting Mickey was told that *I* had been stealing from the company, and given a farcical explanation of this and how I could no longer be trusted. I did not persue legal action for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I had no formal agreement and not much money left (having legally owned half the bank account balance Mickey stole until then).

Of course I informed the inventors of Jumping Stilts, Alexander and Andrea Boeck, thinking they might help set things right, and our manufacturer, Hitech Co. LTD. Based out of South Korea with manufacturing in the Philippines. Well both of them had already been bought into Mickey’s confidence. Since I couldn’t pay for the next order, Hitech said their decision was really easy, they signed over to Mickey as their supplier. They had no interest in forcing him not to steal, until that date I had made every order from Hitech - including samples before I ever met Mickey. It was disheartening when one of their manufacturing managers later apologized to me (being a strong Christian) about the South Korean head office decision, saying how she knew it was wrong but had no choice for the sake of her own employment. Of course the inventors and patent holders, the Boecks/Bocks made countless empty promises over the years but till date I have never been compensated in any regard. They happily collect their royalty for each and every sale Mickey makes, and happily forget that I started that business (as my sole idea) when they had no Poweriser distributor in the US, and that I sold thousands of stilts and made sure they got every cent of their royalty for three years before they condoned an all-out theft by Mickey.


Since I still manage to hold onto these two domains (www.powerisers.com and www.7leagueboots.com) I thought I should at least share some of this experience as a warning to both customers and people looking to do business with these folk. There is no benefit keeping it to myself at this stage as clearly I will never get any justice from these people. I have slowly lost touch will all my old friends in the industry and recently got cut off by the last as they continue to make finances a priority and face
bullying by Andrea and Alexander Bock - or Mickey and his wife Wendy Moss. If you want to buy something for extreme sports this year, make it one of the countless emerging and exciting new gadgets which don’t carry a legacy of bodily damage, because unless you are making a career out of parkor, have a hereditary fatal disease setting in at age 30, and never much cared about personal or business ethics, jumping stilts (or “powerbocks”) aren’t for you.


Also, if you want to do business in this area, think again. The bocks have their patent tightly held and don't imagine for a moment they won't suck the life out of your business with their 'license requirements.'

If you want to contact me whether in legal, medical or journalistic capacity I can be reached here: exporthub@gmail.com